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Are you looking to renovate or build your home? Building waste removal can be an expensive task if not planned prior to the start of your building project. This post will cover your best options for the removal of building waste with a few tips along the way!

Building waste removal and the costs associated with this needs to be considered in the early stages of your project planning. Typically, a waste management plan needs to be created and submitted with your plans for the approval process to begin. This means that the amount of building waste to be created and how you will dispose of it will need to be considered and documented in your waste management plan, your drafts person, architect or builder can assist you with this.

When building a new house, a general rule of thumb is to allow around 1% of the build cost for building waste removal. For example, a $200,000 build cost will equate to roughly $2000 need for building waste removal. This can also be the case for home extensions as well. However, major home renovations and extensions where all the external cladding, existing roof and windows etc will be getting replaced this can work out to be a much bigger cost. You can still allow 1% of the build cost but will also need to allow for the building waste removal of the existing house as well.

Below we have outline a few options to help reduce the costs of your building waste removal and to help create a more environmentally sound waste management plan.

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Skip Bins Vs Taking it to the tip yourself

The most common way to deal with building waste removal is to hire a skip bin. Skip bins are great for their convenience however, you must plan to ensure it is placed on site in a reasonable spot and doesn’t get in the way of other site activities. The next most common building waste removal method is to take the building waste to the tip yourself. Depending on how you are set up this could be a viable cheaper alternative. If you do not own a trailer or truck for instance though, you will need to account for their hire fees on top of the tip fees as well.

If you are looking to renovate or build a new home consider ways to reduce the waste created from your building project. Did you know, 35% (7 million tonnes) of building waste goes to landfill each year. Your Energy Savings website discusses ways to reduce the impact your project has on the environment.

So how does skip bin hire work?

When you ring a reputable skip bin company they will usually ask what you will be putting in the bin. You can save dollars per bin if you are able to separate your building waste into certain categories. For example, most skip bins provide bins for these type of materials:

  • Bricks, concrete and roof tiles: 2/3/4m3 bins roughly work out to be $80-$110m3 (so 4m3 would be $440-$480). 6/8/10m3 bins roughly work out to be $70-$80m3.
  • Green waste: 2/3/4m3 bins roughly work out to be $110-$130m3 and 6/8/10m3 bins roughly work out to be $100-$115m3.
  • Clean fill: 2/3/4m3 bins roughly work out to be $120-$150 and 8/10m3 bins roughly work out to be $100-$120m3.
  • Mixed waste/builders waste: 2/3/4m3 bins roughly work out to be $110-$135m3 and 6/8/10m3 bins roughly work out to be $100-$115m3.
  • *Estimates only, check the prices of your local skip bin companies first

As you can see skip bins are not priced per weight but are priced per bin. The bigger the bin you get, the more you will save per meters cubed on building waste removal. If you know you will have a lot of building waste to remove, you will save money by hiring a larger bin. The only down side to this is that most skip bin hire companies have a limit on their bin hire periods. This means the bin might not be able to sit on site for the entire duration of your build. Again, good planning will create an efficient and cost-effective building waste removal plan. This will save you on any unnecessary costs with your building project.

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So how does taking it to the tip yourself work?

Going down this path usually means you have or have access to some sort of trailer or truck. If you don’t though, you will need to add these hire costs into the budget. To hire a trailer will cost you around $30-$50 a day to hire. A tipper truck could cost you $200-$250 a day to hire.

Much like skip bins a waste management facility charges their fees in categories. Separating your building waste into these categories will save you some cash:

  • Mixed waste: $340/tonne
  • Bricks, concrete and roof tiles: $175/tonne
  • Garden organics: $145/tonne
  • Clean fill: 175/tonne
  • Scrap metal: usually no charge
  • *Estimates only, check the prices of your local waste management facility

Tip: A trailer filled with brick, concrete, timber and plasterboard will be classified as mixed waste.

What is the cheapest building waste removal option?

A Great question! Much like everything else in the building and construction industry it depends on your project and situation. For example, if you have heavier brick and concrete type building waste to dispose of, a cheaper option is to hire a skip bin. With a 4m3 skip bin you will be able to dispose of 4m3 of the heavy waste and it will cost you $450. Doing this with a trailer may take 4-5 trailer loads to dispose of the bricks and concrete. This will roughly cost $550.

To dispose of lighter mixed waste, a trailer or tipper truck could be a better alternative than skip bins. One trailer load (8×5) of mixed building waste will roughly cost you $340. The same amount of building waste in a skip bin will cost $440.

We hope this article helps clarify any questions you might have regarding building waste removal. We at Hemmens Carpentry & Building have all the experience in your home renovation needs, if you have an up and coming project in mind or ready to start, contact us today for your FREE quote!

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