Insulated roofing for your next outdoor project

Insulated roofing system

Are you thinking about using insulated roofing panels on your next outdoor project? Or, simply new to the concept of an all in one insulated roofing system? This post will go through why you should consider using this type of product for your next outdoor project.

Insulated roofing system
A job we completed for clients in Tumbi Umbi, included a new entertaining deck and upstairs pool deck.

Hemmens Carpentry & Building has had the pleasure of being able to build a number of these insulated roofing systems, for some very satisfied clients. These slick looking panels provide you with a fully built insulated roof, eliminating the need of painters and plasters. The concept behind these include a high-density foam glued and sandwiched between a colour-bond exterior sheet and an internal metal sheet as the ceiling.

Apart from their neat and tidy good looks and their awesome spans, insulated roof panels are great at moderating the summer extreme temperatures and the cold winter days. This then creates an outdoor space more livable throughout the entire year. Why spend money on a patio roof if you cannot use it comfortably for 365 days a year?

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Benefits of using insulated roof panels

Here we will list the benefits of choosing an insulated roofing system for your next outdoor project:

  • Perfect for all year round entertaining uniquely due to the high density foam adding strength and insulating properties to the panels.
  • Neat and tidy finish with completely water tight capping and flashings to finish it off

    Insulated roofing system
    Another insulated roof system we built for clients in the Entrance – We completed this job in 6 business days including the fit off done by our electrician.
  • Different colour-bond colours and roofing profiles are available to suit your homes already existing look and feel.
  • A complete all in one product with no need for ceiling plasters and painters.
  • Reduced labour costs due to an easy and fast installation process.
  • Service duct channels exist so that the insulated roofing system can be fitted with down lights and ceiling fans.
  • Lightweight design allowing for spans over 11m, support to support.
  • Finally, they are constructed with highly durable materials that do not require high maintenance. As a result, these insulated roofing systems are easy to clean with minimal upkeep.
Insulated roofing system
A larger insulated roofing system we completed for clients in Wyong. They now have a very large entertaining space to use whenever they please 365 days a year.

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